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Last updated: 12 Jan 2011

Tuesday, July 20, 2010@12:03 AM

Item 18: Noco Noco Series

Item 18: Noco Noco Series Strawberry Noco Noco
1 Set at $36 (Now $32)
Assorted Noco Noco Series
1 set at $50 (SOLD)

Colour Noco Noco Series
1 set at $55 (SOLD)

Valentine's Mickey and Minnie Noco Noco Series (30cm)
1 set at $50
1 extra mickey $29(Sold)

Monochrome and Colour Micky and Minnie Noco Noco Series (15cm)
1 full set of 4 at $50 (Sold)
1 colour pair at $26

Pooh and Piglet Noco Noco Series (30cm)
1 Pooh at $30

Assorted Noco Noco Series
1 Pooh at $12

Wednesday, July 7, 2010@12:49 AM

Item 17: Giant Stitch Tape

Item 17: Giant Stitch Tape
2 designs available
$3.50 each
$6 for both

Monday, July 5, 2010@11:58 PM

Korean Accessories

Korean Accessories for Sale N1 Starry Surprise
N2 Childhood (Sold)
N3 Spooky Owl (Sold)

N4 Secret Key (Sold)
N5 Sweet Classic

Match your outfits with these unique and beautiful necklaces

Selling each at $6 (postage inclusive)
Limited Stocks
Get Yours Today!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009@2:18 AM

X'mas Noco Noco Keychains

X'mas Noco Noco Keychain SeriesExtremely adorable series to get hold.
Only 2 full complete sets available. $25/set [NOW $16 pet set]
Loose pieces of
Mickey x3 (2 sold, left 1)(all sold)
Minnie x2
Angel x3
Piglet x2 (1 sold, 1 left)
Available. $3.50 each [NOW $3 each]
Hurry Get Yours Today!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009@10:08 PM

Item 14: 7-11 Mr Men and Little Miss Hp Charms

Item 14: Mr Men and Little Miss Hp Charms
Miss Sunshine
Miss Chatterbox
Miss Shy
Mr Greedy (sold)
Mr Small (sold)
Mr Bump (sold)
Selling each at $1.00
Looking for mr bump and mr happy!!

Friday, September 18, 2009@10:15 PM

Item 13: Seal Plush

Item 13: Japan Imported Seal Plush

Super Adorable Plush
Imported from Japan
Only left these few stocks
Big seal at $15
Small seal at $4.50 each [NOW $4.00 each]

Wednesday, August 26, 2009@6:17 AM

Item 12: Japan Air Dry Modelling Clay

Item 12: Japan Air Dry Modelling Clay

Selling these 3 Japan Air dry Modelling Clay as a set
$18 ( U.P $25)
Only 3 sets available
Grab them now!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009@9:09 PM

Selling Various Sheet Mask at $1.00 each

9:06 PM

Item 10: Body Shop Items

Item 10: Brand New and Sealed The Body Shop Items for sale

Brazil Nut Moisture Mask 200ml at $10 (U.P. $24.90)
Strawberry/Passionfruit Body Butter 50g at $3.50 each (U.P. $5 each at warehouse sale)
Strawberry/Passionfruit Showel Gel 50ml at $2 each (warehouse price)
Honey Shampoo 50ml at $2 each (warehouse price)
Get all 4 of them at $6.50

Canberry/Pomegranate Showel Gel 250ml at $6 each (U.P $12.90 each)
Get both of them at $10

Very limited stocks.
Hurry get yours today!!!

8:50 PM

Item 10: Various Tops for Sale

Helping my friend clear these clothes. Kindly support

Aeropostale Top
Only 1 available (tag removed but nv wore before)
Selling at $12

Lonsdale Tops (smooth, "silky" material)
Colours Available : Grey, Dazzling Blue, Black
Sizes: Grey (Size 12), Dazzling Blue (Size 10), Black (Size 10)
Original Price: S$69.90 at the shop
Selling Price: $30
Stocks: Only 1 Available for Each Colour

Kitty Top from Japan
Only 1 available
Size: Free
Selling at $26

All price quoted are negotiable. Feel free to mail me

8:27 PM

Item 09: Some Comics for Sale
Comics for sale

Detective Loki Volume 1, 2, 3
Prince of Tennis Volume 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Each at $2

For other books on this picture, quote me your price ^^

Sunday, June 28, 2009@3:10 AM

Brand New and Sealed The Body Shop Items for Sale
List of items available
(i) Honey Shampoo 60ml -- $2
(ii) Passionfruit Body Butter 50ml -- $5
(iii) Strawberry Body Butter 50ml -- $5 (SOLD 1) [1 left]
(iv) Canberry Shower Gel 250ml -- $7
(v) Promagranate Shower Gel 250ml -- $7
(vi) Strawberry Shower Gel 60ml -- $2
(vii) Passion Fruit Shower Gel 60ml -- $2
only one instock for each item
get yours today!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009@7:03 PM

Item 08: Disney Characters Wishing Bottles

Get these unique keychains with your favourite characters!
Not available or sold anywhere else anymore!
Only one instocks for each design!
Hurry get yours today!
Tinkle Bell (sold)
Chip n Dale
Each at $10

Sunday, May 3, 2009@9:35 PM

Item 07: Korean's Fashion Telephone Wire Rubberbands

good quality, good elasticity, highly fashionable!
1o wonderful colours available!

limited stocks!
selling $1.20 for 3 (free normal postage)

Monday, April 13, 2009@7:09 PM

Item 06: Brown Puppy for Sale

Selling at $7 (U.P $12.90)
only 1 available

Tuesday, April 7, 2009@6:55 PM

Item 05: Handmade Beaded Baby Animal Series 1

Look at these adorable baby animals..

aren't they super cute??

selling at
$2.50 each or $4.50 for a pair (handphone strap)
$4.50 for a pair (earrings)

$1.50 each or $2.50 for a pair
Limited time only!

Designs available for series 1:
baby chick
baby penguin

Choice of colours available:
Peach, Pink, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Yellow
You can also ask for colours that are available. i try to find the beads^^
you can also request your item to be made in Swarovski Crystals at an addition of $4 per animal

(sample for earring)

Sold 56 pairs of earrings to date ^^ (updated 020210)

Sunday, March 22, 2009@12:12 AM

Item 04: Brand New and Sealed The Body Shop Items for Sale
List of items available
(i) Honey Shampoo 60ml -- $4
(ii) Passionfruit Body Butter 50g -- $7
(iii) Strawberry Body Butter 50g -- $7 (SOLD)
(iv) Canberry Shower Gel 250ml -- $10
only one instock for each item
get yours today!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009@6:19 AM

Hi all!!!
Beaded Animal Earrings and Handphone Straps would be available next week ^^
Check out my handmade items next week ^^

Tuesday, March 17, 2009@7:36 PM

Brand New Wallet For Sale
Brand New Teddy Wallet for Sale!!! (not available in s'pore!!)
Not opened at all
Dimensions around 13.5cm by 9.5cm
Selling at $16
Now $12 with free postage!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009@4:24 AM

Item 02 : Brand New Watches for Sale!!

Here are 2 Brand New watches for Sale!!
(i) Extremely Stylish for the Black one
(ii) Super Kawaii For the White Giraffe One
Selling each at $18 $12 (free postage)
Buy both at $20
ps: sorry for the blur images.
Clearer images can be taken upon request

Tuesday, March 10, 2009@12:38 AM

Item 01 : Valentine Noco Noco Mickey for SaleI have an extra valentine noco noco mickey for sale
its around 39cm, very soft and huggable
not to mention super adorable!!!
Selling price $29 (sold)
Fast deal price $26
No swaps/trades
Drop a tag or email if interested

Tuesday, February 24, 2009@2:58 AM

Welcome to my blogshop!
Would be adding some of my projects in for sale...
Check back soon ^^

Friday, February 20, 2009@2:27 AM


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